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Trackimo package1. TRACKIMO box includes:

  • ✔ micro-USB cable for charging device
  • ✔ Protective Silicone Case
  • ✔ Magnetic cap
  • ✔ Lanyard
  • ✔ The device
  • ✔ Mini-screwdriver and screws
  • ✔ Quick Installation Guide

2. Price includes VAT.

3. The package includes access to the data service for one year.
After one year there is an annual subscription service of 50€ for the data service.
No need to buy SIM card. It is preinstalled on the device.


Dimensions:47 mm×40 mm×17 mm (L×W×H)
Weight:Approximately 42 g.
Active Battery time:48-72 hours (depends on phone network and other conditions)
Standby time:144 + hours (depends on phone network)
Warranty:2 years