Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to Trackimo.

This Privacy Statement was developed to enable users of TRACKIMO devices to know how the company collects and uses, transport and storage of their information. Please read this Privacy Policy to learn about our privacy practices. If you have any questions, please contact us. The contact information listed at the end of this statement.

This Privacy Statement outlines the information processing Trackimo collected from the website, products and applications TRACKIMO.

  1. The TRACKIMO assures that the acquisition, processing and usage of personal data will be handled strictly in accordance with current legislation on data protection.
  2. The user understands that TRACKIMO is able to provide the services, if the user agrees to the storage and processing of personal data.
  3. Position data can be used as the basis for offering additional services. In this context, data may also be disclosed to partners of TRACKIMO. Anonymous position data can also be used by TRACKIMO to store, process and pass on to third parties information about circumstances which are significant for navigation purposes and associated purposes (including, among other things, traffic volume). In any case, user data and position data will only be passed on to third parties if this is required for legal reasons or if these third parties perform services or actions on behalf of and for TRACKIMO, such as the operation of the Trackimo platform on third-party servers.
  4. TRACKIMO may use automatic communication systems like e-mail for the purpose of carrying out marketing activities. However, users may also choose to block any contact made for marketing purposes. 
  5. After registering on the Trackimo platform, users can create and edit their own profile. 
  6. Furthermore, users might have the opportunity to share information within their own network of friends and groups at TRACKIMO. The user will be able to select privacy settings to determine which information he would like to share and exchange with his friends and groups.
  7. After registration of the user, TRACKIMO uses so-called cookies which identify the user for the duration of his visit to the platform and allow him to be recognized when he revisits the platform in the future. A cookie of this type is saved on the user’s computer. The user can change the settings on his computer to remove such cookies or enable usage of the platform without cookies. 
  8. TRACKIMO is entitled to change these data protection terms within the limits of the statutory data protection legislation. TRACKIMO will announce any changes to this declaration. The user has the opportunity to reject any changes in writing, whereby an e-mail is sufficient. In these cases TRACKIMO may cancel the provision of services for the user. 
  9. Provided the user has agreed to this during the registration process or at a later stage, TRACKIMO may send a newsletter to the user during the period of the agreement containing information relating for example to the topics of support, technical information and other information about the scope of the utilized services, possible upgrade options and other information relating to the operation of the TRACKIMO platform. A corresponding link is provided in every newsletter which allows the user to cancel the newsletter at any time. 
  10. This agreement can be terminated at any time without specifying reasons by contacting TRACKIMO in writing at
    450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1408.
    New York, NY 10123
    or by sending an e-mail to
    Once the agreement is cancelled TRACKIMO will no longer make the services available to the user.



  1. GLOBALSAT is the exclusive distributor of TRACKIMO in Greece and Cyprus.
  2. The responsibility of GLOBALSAT regards only the promotion and reselling of the devices developped by U.S. Company TRACKIMO and therefore bears no responsibility in the event of non-acceptance of the terms listed on the site
  3. Moreover GLOBALSAT has no responsibility in case of malfunctioning network communications (solution provider TRACKIMO) TRACKIMO device uses for its operation.
  4. For the sake of cross-referencing the GLOBALSAT obliged by law to keep a record of the identity of any natural person-an individual who buys directly from GLOBALSAT, and the IMEI number of the device. Also GLOBALSAT maintains records of the devices ID numbers as well as of the IMEI numbers sold per sales channel (if this regards wholesale).
  5. The device has a two-year guarantee effective from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any defect or damage that is solely due to the construction of the device or defective parts. The warranty does not cover damages caused by force majeure, as well as from mishandling, improper connection or improper use. The warranty must be accompanied by an invoice or voucher retailers.
  6. To activate your device visit and select «Activation», or go directly to
  7. The detailed terms and conditions of use and operation of the equipment are included in ( With the activation of your device you agree to the terms and conditions as set byTRACKIMO Ltd.
  8. Please keep the IMEI number of your device, which is indicated on your device in order – in case of theft or loss of-to be able to block and prevent its use by someone else with another SIM card.
  9. We remind you that if you do not intend to use the device to identify inanimate objects, you may be required to obtain a license from the Authority for Personal Data Protection.
  10. For any further information please contact the email